Who should Join?

Idea Challenge is designed to ignite an entrepreneurial spark in minds and enable everyone to discover their true potential. All who have an innovative idea should join the challenge, especially Final Year students of UG, PG & Polytechnic Colleges. The programme is limited to students and youth in Kerala only

Who can Participate..?

  1. Applicant shall be an Individual or a Team comprising maximum of 5 members.
  2. Students of M Tech, MBA, MCA and Final year B. Tech with a fire for entrepreneurial insights can participate in the programme. 
  3. Last year students of Arts and Science Colleges & Polytechnics
  4. General public below 45 years
  5. The programme is limited to students and youth in Kerala only


  1. Can more than one idea be submitted?
    Ans: Yes, more than one idea can be submitted, but the technical details should be explained at the appropriate time. And lt should not be a copied one which have some IP rights
  2. Is there any limit for the project Cost.?
    Ans: No. No monetary ceiling is fixed.
  3. Can an idea on retail business be submitted?
    Ans: No. only Manufacturing/ production and Industry related Service ideas can be submitted.
  4. Can an idea on Consultancy Service be submitted?
    Ans : No. Industry related Service Idea only can be submitted eg: Logistics, Mechanical/Automobile/Electrical/ Electronic Service etc.
  5. Will there any financial assistance available for implementing the project ?
    Ans: Yes. lf any financial assistance is required the same can be arranged with the assistance of Nationalised Banks/ other Financial Institutions/ Private Investors / Kerala Startup Mission etc.
  6. Will there necessary assistance be available for patenting an idea if it necessary for the inventor to do so?
    Ans: Yes. Samrambhak Mithra will provide all support for getting Patent, Trade Mark, Digital Signature, Company/ Partnership/LLP etc. registration, GST Registration and GST filing with the support of Kerala Startup Mission.
  7. Can an investor submit an idea which has already been patented, with an intention of selling it to an investor through Idea Challenge?
    Ans: Yes
  8. Should the details of the Idea be disclosed at the time of submission itself or at a later stage of introducing the idea through your programme?
    Ans: Only at the final stage.
  9. Is there any venue for the presentation of the Idea in each district. If no venue is available in the home district, any assistance be given towards travel expenses?
    Ans: At present all the presentations are planned online. No offline presentations.
  10. If the idea is not acceptable whether it will be returned to the owner?
    Ans: The ownership of idea will rest with the person who conceived it.
  11. What are the benefits for participating students?
    Ans: It is a challenge and an opportunity to win a prize, develop entrepreneurial skills, mindsets and also to sell your idea at a price to an investor. We also aim to prepare you to become an Entrepreneur.
  12. Is any fees for submitting ideas?
    Ans: No.
  13. Whether students other than final year can submit ideas?
    Ans : Yes. Any body can submit idea.
  14. Is there any Government assistance available for project implementation?
    Ans: Yes. All the prevailing Govt. assistances can be availed.
  15. Who will support for project implementation?
    Ans: Samrambhak Mithra will give all handholding Services for project implementation.